About Us

Who is Hope?

Hope was our beloved Jack-Chi.

In 2014, this awkward sweet angel came into our lives when she was brought into the shelter with her mother. She was 6 weeks old and her mother was rejecting her so the staff separated them. The shelter determined she had Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) and her chances of survival were slim. Instead of her being euthanized, we decided to give her a chance at life, no matter how long that would be. Hope gave us 7 years of companionship and laughs as well as always keeping us on our toes until, sadly, she finally succumbed to her condition. She fought bravely until the end. We foster, rescue and pet sit animals in her memory and honor.

Robin Harper

I decided to start Hope’s Helpers to continue to follow my heart and passion for animals. Besides our little home zoo (which consists of Hope, 3 cats (Oliver, Raider and Molly Mae), 4 personal rabbits (Charlie, Suede, Candy and Thumper), 3 Guinea Pigs (Waddles, Tortilla and Daisy Doo) and 4 foster rabbits), I have been involved in animal rescue work for over 10 years. I have been pet sitting for a handful of friends and clients for over 9 years. I care for my clients’ fur babies like they are my own. I make sure my clients are comfortable with me and know that their four legged loved ones and their homes are in the best hands.

My rescue work began when we adopted our first rabbit, Charlie, from Lucky Bunny Rabbit Rescue. I started volunteering and fostering for LBRR and San Diego House Rabbit Society and fostered 30 plus rabbits (ranging from newborns to senior and special needs rabbits).

In 2014, I expanded my rescue experience when I became the Foster Coordinator for Animal Friends of the Valleys. As the foster coordinator, I found foster homes and forever homes for thousands of kittens, adult cats, puppies, adult dogs and small animals. During my time at AFV, I interacted with and took care of all breeds of dogs (especially larger dogs such as Pit Bulls and Shepherds) as well as cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and hamsters. Along with learning how to deal with all types of animals and temperaments, I also built strong relationships with many local vets (Murrieta Animal Hospital, Menifee Animal Hospital, Vineyard Vet Hospital and CVS Emergency Pet Hospital). While at AFV, I fostered underaged puppies, rabbits and guinea pigs. I also cared for sick kittens and adopted two special needs adult dogs (Scooby and Maxie who were both were diabetic and blind).

Currently, I serve as the Director of the Foster Program and Adoptions for Huey’s Rescue in Temecula. We are rescue partners with AFV and Ramona Humane Society and answer their calls for help with underaged kittens and puppies, adult cats and dogs, and medical cases. I am also still an active foster for Lucky Bunny Rabbit Rescue and an authorized puller for San Diego House Rabbit Society and Wee Companions.

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